Aliens, Lincoln and Vampires, Oh My!

Just did an interview with Prometheus Productions last week, the folks who produce Ancient Aliens (you know the show with the bad hair guy) and while I am not exactly an expert on UFO’s I did ramble on a bit about Abraham Lincoln and his beliefs in the paranormal.

In my ugly mug did not crack the camera lens they should be taking at least some of the interview for one or another of their shows on the History Channel–it remains to be seen.  While I’m not quite sure whether ancient aliens landed on earth, I have weighed in on more recent historic sightings in both Strange Tales of the Dark & Bloody Ground and in Dixie Spirits.

More about Abraham Lincoln when the show airs, but just for the record, Lincoln did not hunt vampires, although he did consult a Voodoo Priestess or two, attend séances and have several prophetic dreams.  Oh yes, and he did observe the skies for omens, so maybe he was in contact with alien life forms–maybe.

Modern alien somewhat upset with the Bad Hair Guy.

Modern alien somewhat upset with the Bad Hair Guy.



4 thoughts on “Aliens, Lincoln and Vampires, Oh My!

  1. tudorpearl

    Congrats Chris! Hope your spot gets on the show–has always been one of my goals is to get on the History Channel. Don’t know how Abraham Lincoln’s interest in the paranormal connects to ancient aliens, but it should be interesting!
    Michelle L. Hamilton
    “I Would Still Be Drowned in Tears”: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House

    1. Christopher Coleman Post author

      To be honest I’m not sure either how Lincoln would relate to UFO’s historic or otherwise. I do know that Lincoln was fascinated with celestial portents, as he was with other types of omens. He witnessed two comets–always harbingers of war and political turmoil. He also once made a comment about a political opponent being like the pope who excommunicated Halley’s Comet when Constantinople fell to the Turks, a pretty obscure reference, but which shows the degree Lincoln was interested in the subject.

      1. tudorpearl

        Be interesting in how they twist it, the show has been on for a while and they are probably running out of ideas. I was in Gettysburg this week to promote my book and I saw your book in several gift shops, congrats!

  2. Christopher Coleman Post author

    Gettysburg is a very interesting place, not only historically, but from the aspect of parapsychology. I shied away from it in Ghosts & Haunts somewhat, because Alan Nesbitt has written so much about it, but there’s still a lot more that could be said.


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